Everything for your ship, cargo and crew


A reliable companion at your disposal

Transmar has been acting as a Shipping Agent since 1996, and our main objective has not changed during these 20 years: to speed up the entry and exit of ships and merchandise from the port. We know that a fast scale without delays is synonymous with cost optimization for the client.

For this, we have specialized personnel with more than 45 years of experience in the sector. It is an enthusiastic team of professionals that offers the customized service that all ships and cargo require. In this way we provide a first class service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a service accredited by the ISO 9001:2008 certification granted by Bureau Veritas (BVQI).

In addition, we operate with all guarantees. Our civil liability is fully insured by ITIC (International Transport Intermediaries Club Ltd of London) with registration number 9460.

These arguments, together with our commitment to excellence, have made us a leading company in the Tramp segment and the trusted partner of numerous shipowners, charterers, brokers, traders, importers and exporters around the world for many years.


All your cargo needs, streamlined


We offer the best customs services because we have agreements with customs agents specialized in different types of cargo and accredited as authorized economic operators (AEO). In this way, we can offer a dispatch service of any size, from small spare parts to full loads.

All communication with customs is carried out electronically (EDI), which allows us to provide a 24/7 response to all our clients from our central office.

The customs service we offer:

  • Import clearances (DUA)
  • Export clearances (DUE)
  • Declarations of link to deposit (DVD)
  • Urgent export dispatch of spare parts
  • Import clearance for unloading spare parts
  • Dispatch of merchandise in temporary storage (EXS)
  • Documentation EUR1, T2L and ATR
  • Transits in the European Community (NCTS)


All your cargo needs, stremalined


We offer solutions for the solid and liquid bulk supply chain and organize logistics from origin to destination. This is a customized service in which we seek the most effective solution evaluating costs and delivery time.

For this we have different logistical aspects:

  • On dock “stocking area” or covered warehouses.
  • Contamination-free warehouses, specially enabled for each product.
  • Weighing of bulk goods on our own scales or those of the Port Authority.
  • Control of stocks, daily parts of reception / deliveries via truck or rail to destination, carrying out precise monitoring of it.
  • Traceability of the product in all its phases (from start to finish) preserving quantity and quality
  • Tailor-made storage service (short-term or long-term) available for a wide variety of products


Rely on our professional skills and meet your business targets

We can help design logistics-port solutions tailored to each client, attending to the specific needs that the cargo may have. With our experience and knowledge, we prepare feasibility studies for port terminals or concessions, and we help in the development of maritime-port business plans.

Accounts & finance support

We are aware of the difficulty in carrying out, processing and validating the costs of calling ships in port (FDA), since each port has different rates, has different discounts to which it can benefit, and the time required to carry out the appropriate checks varies. and there are also different applicable regulations.

That is why we offer a global financial service, which is carried out on a contract basis, in which we help you to minimize waste (“waste”). This service, carried out by a team specialized in the port system and its billing methods, minimizes waste while increasing economic efficiency. It means having a centralized fund system, with the consequent cost savings. while the client’s team can focus on operational aspects of management.