Mission, Vision and Quality Policy

Provide services to the maritime traffic of ships, merchandise and people in the commercial ports in which our clients operate, with agility, effectiveness and efficiency

Provide global services to satisfy the logistical, administrative and legal needs of shipowners, brokers, shippers, receivers, vessels and crews at all times.

To be a long-term and trustworthy partner that provides solutions to operators of maritime traffic and international trade.

To be a Pit-Stop for ships and goods in the TRAMP segment of Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

Offer Port on Demand service to our customers anywhere in the world.

Transmar has been acting as a Shipping Agent in the Port of Tarragona since 1996. Our goal has always been to provide world-class services for maritime trade and traffic to Spanish and foreign clients. Accordingly, its vision is to adapt at all times to the changing needs and regulations in the sector and in the geographical areas in which it operates.

In this sense, the Management of TRANSMAR SHIP & FORWARDING AGENCY, S.L. has established the following policies:

Offer comprehensive, complete and global services, in accordance with the requirements and needs of our direct and indirect clients, as well as of all interested parties, with total availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Know and comply with the legal and regulatory requirements and other requirements that are applicable
Continuously improve the company’s processes with a view to greater effectiveness and efficiency.
Have competent and motivated staff to offer a high quality service, promoting their growth and total development.
Establish and maintain long-term collaborative relationships and alliances with other organizations and companies related to the company’s services, always acting ethically and honestly, respecting the commitments made and the good of others.
Have the infrastructure, resources and adequate means to carry out our activities in the best conditions and carrying out our work in a responsible manner, to always cause a positive impact in our community.
Based on these policies, the Management plans the quality system and establishes the corresponding objectives in each period.

In order to ensure that this Quality policy is understood, applied and kept up to date by all levels of the organization, the management verifies its compliance through internal audits and periodic reviews.